What Is Mezzanine Floors

What Is Mezzanine Floors

What Is Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine is a mezzanine that is built over the upper floors of a building, such as an office or office tower. It is designed to cover a specific area in the building, rather than expanding the entire floor space. Mezzanine floors can be built or installed free of charge within an existing structure to maximise unused vertical space by providing additional spaces from above or below. For more information, please visit Mezzanine floors Perth or call us at (08) 6201 2271.

Industrial environments are more suitable for the construction of mezzanines, as they are usually free-standing structures. They are also generally more expensive to build than residential buildings, making them ideal for industrial buildings. 

To get the best mezzanine floors for your workplace, you need to choose a customized option. Customised floors can be built to perfectly match the available spaces of the building, with a unique design tailored to your needs. At the MezzStor Pty Ltd, our mezzos – floor structures and installations are tailor made – are made for jobs. 

It is the dimensions and design of your mezzanine floors that determine how it can be used, not the size of the floor itself. 

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Do mezzanine floors need planning permission?

Usually, there are no formal permissions needed for the construction of a mezzanine floor where there are no local zoning constraints. However, where planning permission is necessary, there are certain situations, such as where the mezzanine is used for office space or the mezzanine raises the floor area of a building.

The building regulations for mezzanines are relatively simple if you stick to them, with only a few exceptions such as height and width restrictions. 

The ideal intermediate floor is 1 / 3 lower than the floor size, as expected, when the ceiling height exceeds 220 cm. As already mentioned, the ideal height of the room in which a real mezzanine floors is built is 440 cm, if the mezzanine needs less than 210 cm to include all the ceilings and slabs. In most cases, however, a mezzanine can be built – with a floor height of 200 cm or 220 cm.

Do mezzanines count as floor area?

A mezzanine does not count as one of a building’s floors and does not normally count in calculating overall floor space. The International Building Code requires up to one-third of the floor space below to have a mezzanine.

Not all floors of the building are recorded, but all floors determine the maximum floor area, ceiling height, and slabs of the individual floors. 

If there are two or more mezzanines in a building, the sum of the area of all the mezzanines must be the total. According to the International Building Code, a mezzanine must have a minimum floor area that corresponds to the maximum floor height of two floors. If a mezzanine or room is built between two floors without a ceiling, it cannot be more than one floor above. 

A mezzanine must be designed to use the entire floor space, regardless of whether it is above or below the floor. If a free vertical room is converted into an additional room on an upper floor, this cannot be used. A mezzanine floor may only be placed in a building with a maximum floor height of two floors above the building. 

Things to remember for the floor mezzanine:

  • Prepare well, plan well,
  • Determining the room open to you
  • Know its position
  • Refrain from going too far
  • Find the upper and lower spaces
  • Accessible Staircase Location
  • Fix problems with heating and air circulation
  • Choose comfy chairs

What is the purpose of the mezzanine floor?

The Mezzanine level is an elevated platform between a building’s floor and ceiling. They come in all types and sizes and are aimed at optimizing the use of so-called vertical space. They provide extra space above and below and can be installed without existing structures.

Mezzanines are often tailored to the needs and specifications of the customer, often in response to specific requirements such as size, height, and other building requirements. 

A mezzanine can be freely installed in an existing structure, or it can be freely installed in an open building. The purpose of the design is to cover the entire floor area of a building, not just the upper floors. A building like a warehouse may have more than one mezzanine, but they will usually stand halfway up the wall of that building and do not count as a floor in the building itself. 

A Mezzanine is a mezzanine floor between the ground floor and the building and is a lower ceiling or floor in the shape of a balcony that is often seen. It is as if the total living space is equal to or greater than the floor area of the upper floors of the building (or the entire building). 

Do you pay rates on a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor in a factory or manufacturing shed may be excluded from tariffs based on its use, allowing you more capacity at a much cheaper cost than going to a new unit or extra off-site storage.

A mezzanine floor is a platform that sits between the existing floor and the roof and does not cover the entire floor area. It can easily be moved to another part of the building, such as the upper or lower floors of an apartment building. 

It can generate larger storage capacity, extend the time a growing company can stay at its current location, or it can tap into an existing workplace. A mezzanine floor in Perth can be created by using a space between the work area and the ceiling. 

It can be used to store tools, equipment, and materials or even to create office space for employees. Mezzanine floors are raised steel structures that are designed to allow an additional level of the floor to use the space between the work area and the ceiling of the office building or other rooms. 

The flexibility of the mezzanine floors allows different room levels to be reached as required. By using the vertical space and laying the mezzanine floors, the additional space on the ground floor can be less congested and you can use it for other purposes such as storage, office, warehouse or office equipment. Mezzanines offer the possibility to use the available height of a plant to increase the floor space or to avoid moving to larger premises.

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