How to Make Your Dental Visit Less Painful

How to Make Your Dental Visit Less Painful

There are few things that can make you squirm in your seat as much as the sound of a dental drill. Even the scraping and digging that a hygienist does during a regular teeth cleaning can be enough to make you want to bolt out of the office. And it’s even more stressful and painful if you have to get a root canal or a tooth pulled. But there are ways to tame the pain and drown out the negative so your nervous system doesn’t spring into overdrive.


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What is a dental visit like?

Your dentist’s office is a sterile, tidy place. There are instruments of all shapes and sizes, each designed to get deep into your mouth and loosen and/or kill the offending offending object. In your head, you may be picturing a sort of assembly line. Your dentist, who looks like an alchemist, with wavy black hair and nice glasses, uses an array of utensils, drills, and other instruments to try to get the job done in the least painful way possible. Sound pleasant? At least the place where you’re getting worked on is clean, and there are plenty of comfy chairs. But dental work is physically painful. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dentist who is gentle and knows what she’s doing, it can still be an unpleasant experience. Your teeth may feel like there’s something stuck in them.


How to make dental visits less painful

A step-by-step guide Drill, don’t torture before going to the dentist, make a list of the things you’d like them to do to you so that you don’t end up in tears once you’re in their care. These include any painful and/or sensitive areas where you tend to get nervous, avoid painkillers that are addictive and give you hallucinations or hallucinations, and are not recommended for patients with low blood pressure, heart conditions or anything else. Plan ahead On the day of your appointment, set an alarm to wake you up an hour before your scheduled visit. Some people are better at judging how long it’s going to take them to complete a dental procedure, but you can always ask your dentist to estimate how long it will take. 


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