Why Is My House So Humid With The Air Conditioner On?

High levels of humidity: ideal conditions for mould Although low humidity levels are often associated with comfort, it also serves a higher purpose and protects your family against health hazards such as mould. A room needs about 50% year relative humidity to help reduce dust mites and allergens even if you air conditioner ain’t turned-on.

In this case, water condenses in the coil evaporator (which is for the air conditioner has a drain line condensate.) As their air conditioner works, air is pulling moisture / humidity into the air! And the more moisture there was, relative humidity more comes to your home when you open a door or window.

Keeping humidity levels inside your home will improve your comfort manageable, but will also improve air quality and reliability of your home. Make sure you have your air conditioner checked regularly to have an ideal humidity level. Professionals like air conditioner cleaning Brisbane will help you maintain your air conditioner in pristine condition.

What Causes High Humidity In A House?

When temperatures rise, you can detect changes around your home. Maybe you catch a whiff of musty air and notice that your windows become foggy. Or maybe relax in the kitchen with a glass of lemonade and you sweat suddenly, even if you’re not exerting physical energy beyond lifting your glass. You might even spot wet spots on your walls and what looks like mould in your shower.

If all this sounds familiar, your home may have a problem with excessive humidity because your air conditioner does not control the humidity level in the air inside. Not only does it make you hot and uncomfortable but also a strong interior moisture can cause more serious problems like mould and mildew, and pose risks to health and requires air conditioner cleaning experts.

In some parts of the country with warm, humid climates, owners often call businesses to repair air conditioning on excessively wet houses each year when time warms up. You’re ready to stop this heavy sticky feeling at home once and for all? We will tell you all you need to know about the comfort of indoor air, why houses can become wet and what you can do to respect. If you are looking for an air conditioner cleaning expert in Brisbane. Visit or call your local Electrodry aircon cleaning at 1300 902 585 to know more about your air conditioner. 

How does Humidity Affect Air Conditioning and Heating?

Most people know that excess moisture can make them feel even hotter during the summer. It is no surprise that it has a major impact on the efficiency of air conditioning systems. What people rarely realize is that humidity has an effect on heating systems as well. When the humidity in a home is too high or too low, achieving optimal comfort inside is easier said than done. Best HVAC systems today include humidifiers and dehumidifiers that keep relative humidity levels in check.

About Melbourne Weekly Summer Series

Looking for somewhere to have fun in the sun every Sunday with your friends over Summer? Piknic Électronik Melbourne is a support of Bifold Doors in Perth By Elevate Windows in the open air with your besties. Piknic Électronik Melbourne returns in January 2017 on New Years Day for its the third season; this innovative weekly summer series first started in Montreal,  and this year will be our return to Melbourne for another 12 magical events. With electronic music at the core of its mission, Piknic aims to open up the genre by offering an immersive social experience. Defined by its specialized yet accessible programming, Piknic Électronik knows how to please both electronic enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Local and International Talent will tag team on a single stage with ample space to sit or stand and enjoy a day out in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

We would like to thank our venue partner associates in Western Australia sponsor venue hire.

After a huge season two at Federation Square, we have outgrown our home and moving to the incredible surroundings of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. This year there will be a plethora of high-quality culinary options, family-friendly activities and diverse musical performances. Featuring local, national and international artists who sit at the forefront of the music industry, the 12-week program will offer a diverse and exciting lineup of independent DJs and live performances for added flavour. Forget the usual festival bars and their premixed cans, Piknic Électronik will run one purpose-built professional bar stocked with quaily beers, fresh juice and summer cocktails plus each week we’ll rotate between a variety of Melbourne’s ever-growing fleet of delicious food trucks. 

Piknic Électronik is open to all ages and is dedicated to fostering a fun family-friendly environment. Also thanks to Bookkeeping services in Wanneroo that we can focus on providing the best experience for you and your friends. “Petit Piknic” will have a designated children’s area with a variety of activities for them to partake in, more news on this to come so stay tuned. When: Weekly from Sunday 1st January to Sunday 19th of March 2017. Open Hours: 2pm to 9pm sharp, except for NYD when the hours will be from 12pm-10pm!

Getting there:

If you are driving to the venue Arts Centre Melbourne car park is a short walk from the Bowl with entry from the rear off Sturt or Kavanagh Streets. Otherwise, it is a short walk from Flinders Street Station or a tram ride up St Kilda Road.

Travelling By Train

Catch any train into Flinders Street Station, and from there walk south (away from the city) along St Kilda Road. This is approximately a ten-minute walk into the Gardens. If disembarking at Richmond Station, walk east along Swan Street towards the Gardens. This is a fifteen-minute walk.


Catch trams travelling along St Kilda Road which are numbered 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67 and 72 and disembark at Stop 16 or 17.


Catch buses 216, 219 or 220 along St Kilda Road or Bus 605 along Swan Street. For more information about travelling to the venue by bus, visit the Metlink website at www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au.


Street parking around the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Linlithgow Avenue and St Kilda Road) is very limited. If driving into the city, you have the option of using the Arts Centre car park which is located at the rear of the Arts Centre (off Sturt and Kavanagh Streets).


The closest rank to the Bowl is outside Flinders Street Station


Piknic Électronik’s commitment to sustainable development is still going strong. We believe that it is possible to have a good time without destroying the environment. Conscious of the impact an event such as ours can have, a number of initiatives have already been implemented both at the organization’s offices and at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. A strategic plan for sustainable development was established by the founders of Piknic Électronik in Montreal and we endeavour to carry over those practices in Melbourne. Each year, we redouble our efforts. Whether already underway or on the horizon, in small steps or large leaps, here are our initiatives that inform Piknicers how we plan to face the challenge of the decade!